How to Build Backlinks Naturally That Boost Ranking


Well! Google have 200+ Ranking factors to rank any website and backlinks are one of them.

Google has been always introducing new ranking factors over the period of time to make thier SERP’s results more accurate and relvent for users.

Today’s we are just going to cover one but major ranking factor of Google that’s is — BACKLINKS.

This is best ever guide you will read in 2021 about how to build backlinks that will help to boost ranking.

Let’s dive in:

  • What is backlinks?
  • What are the types of backlinks ?
  • Powerful & Natural Link Building Tactics

Here we start with,

What is backlink?

How to build backlinks

You can skip this part if you know about it and can directly move to how to build backlinks section.

Anyway let’s start:

In very simple and easy words, backlinks are those link that linking to your website from another website/blog, post and images.

It helps google algorithm to identify the quality of any website or article.

I hope! You have understood, what is backlink.

Now, let’s little bit more talk about types of backlinks.

What are the types of Backlinks?

Best ways to build backlinks

There is two types of backlinks that google algorithm consider to finalize any website ranking.

  1. Do-Follow Backlinks
  2. No-Follow Backlinks

Don’t get confuse. I will explain both types of backlinks:

No-Follow Backlinks —

It means, Google and other search will not follow the link. That means, If any website owner linking your website with nofollow attribute, it will not pass any link juice to your website.

Example of Nofollow Backlinks:

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Google</a>

Do-Follow Backlinks —

Basically, dofollow links allow Google or other search engine to follow the link and reach to your website. Dofollow link passes link juice that helps in ranking.

Example of Dofollow Link:

<a href=””>Google</a>

Now I can hope, you have clearly understood about Backlinks and its types.

If you have done with it.

Let’s move on to our final topic that is, natural link building tactics in 2021:

How To Build Backlinks?

Link building strategies for SEO

So, finally here we are with the best and effective natural link building tactics to boost your website ranking.

So without wasting time anymore.

7 Best Ways To Build Backlinks In 2021

#01. Guest Posting

Guest post are the best and natural way to build backlinks. A good backlink that comes through guest post can boost your ranking.

You can go with paid guest or free guest post. But my advice will be go through some hardwork and choose free guest post option.

For free guest post you just have to find your niche based websites with good DA & PA and try find those website that have some organic traffic also.

Pitch them via email or social media handles. You can directly pitch with your guest post content or you can discuss about content with them.

Pro Tip: Try to find your niche relevant websites for guest posting with good DA & PA. Also, Don’t compromise with your content while writing for guest post. Give your best!

#02. Spy Competition

Spying competition is best ever link building technique. I have ever found and its still best to build backlinks in 2021.

When you are spying competitors backlinks at that point you just have to be “Action Taker“.

Let me help you little bit more to spy your competitors backlinks:

First of all,

Find you competitors, you just have to search your targeted keyword in the search result. Crime there you will get those website which already ranking on that particular keyword.

Open 4-5 search results and copy links of all the sites and save it on your notepad.

Now, you need a tool to check backlinks of those websites. You can use any tool like Ahref, Semrush, Spyfu etc.

My best and favourite SEO tool is Semrush. It’s paid tool but it’s worthy to be paid. You can start with free trail and if you find it useful. You can purchase it.

Put all of your competitors website url one by one in this tool and you will get to see all the links that another websites are linking to your competitor website or article.

Download the pdf file of backlinks and filter and extract, spammy and very low Da & sites.

After doing this you will get a list of best quality and High Da & Pa websites. Now, you just have to pitch them to link for your website.

Now it’s your choice, you can ask them for paid links or you can ask them for guest post.

It sounds easy but actually it isn’t. It will take lots of hard work but I’m damm sure it will worth it.

#03. Broken Links

Broken link are also one of the best backlink building tactic. Let me explain you what are broken links and how you can use it to build backlinks in 2021.

As the name suggest that any link that has been broken due to the link or article has been deleted.

Broken links shows 404 error on website that badly affect website ranking and any website owner don’t want it.

Now, what you have to do is. Find those good quality website with good DA & PA that have any broken link.

You have to inform them that their website have an error due to deleted content or URL and you can pitch them to replace the link with your content url.

This will be win –win condition for both.

#04. Attractive Content

You don’t want to ask peoples for guest posting, linking back to you and all these kind of stuff.

Do you want peoples automatically start linking to your website, blog or article?

If, yes!

Then, this tactic is for you. You just have put your best of the best to create content. Put all of your knowledge, techniques, research and methods about any particular topic.

Decorate your Content with high quality photos, images and videos and When user find your content is best in the world about that particular topic.

He will start sharing with others and other sites start linking to your website, whenever they talk about that particular topic.

#05. Infographics

Literally, Infographics are amazing. When it comes to make your content beautiful and get backlink from another website. It took some effort but it also enhance your graphics and designing skills.

Actually, Infographics are best when you want to summarize your full conent in one picture.

Now the question would be in your mind, how will you get backlink from it?

See, Everyone can’t create Infographics, the reason could be anything. It may be time issue or may be skill issue.

But, everyone wants to make thier content look attractive and that’s why peoples use other persons Infographics and multimedia. And in return they link back to your website.

That’s it! This is the game. Play this game and build backlinks for your website or blog.

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#06. Build Friendship or Relationship

Listen guys, the strategy isn’t just for building backlink. This strategy can help your to grow tour business.

If you want to make your business successful. You must have to build relationship and friendship with others in your field.

As a blogger it become more important. Atleast its important for me.

What do you think guys, building relationship or friendship is important part to make your business successful or not

Let me know it the comment section.👇

#07. Reviews & Testimonials

Actually these things works very well but you have to do this thing in a manner.

I saw many newbie bloggers directly try to get backlink from big and high authority website by doing their review and giving testimonial.

But I don’t think, in this way you will get backlink. Instead of approaching big websites. Approach small website.

Actually, small websites owners will be more happy to know, you are doing reviews of their service or giving positive testimonial.

Because they pay for it and your are doing free for them and in return you can easily ask them for a backlink.

Hope! You got it my point.

Now, I would like to hear from. Your favourite tactics to build backlinks. I’m Waiting in the comments.

Best of Luck❤!

Backlinks Faq

What are backlinks in SEO example?

Backlinks are those links which linking to your website. It helps search engine algorithm to identify website quality.

Are backlinks still important for SEO?

Yes! Absolutely, backlinks are still one of the key factor for SEO and You should not ignore it.

Can you buy backlinks?

As per Google this is wrong practice and it can penalize your website. But people buy backlinks are I will not recommend you to do this. If you are serious about your blogging career.

Can I sell backlinks?

Frankly speaking, people do this but this is wrong practice according to google and your website could punished for it.

How many backlinks do i need?

It’s totally depends upon your competitors and keyword difficulty. As much higher competitive keywords you will choose that much backlinks and hard work needed.

How backlinks help SEO?

When a blog, article or website get link from authority websites again and again. It ultimately helps you in SEO.

Where to get backlinks?

There are lots of ways to get backlinks and we also have shared 7 natural tactics to get backlinks.

Where to buy backlinks?

I highly recommend you to don’t buy backlinks but if you still want to buy backlink then you can use platforms like — Fiverr, Upwork, Seoclerks to buy backlinks.

Where to get backlinks free?

There are lot ways to get backlinks for free. Some are are like — guest post, broken link building etc. You can checkout our article to know more free backlink building methods.

Why my backlinks are not showing?

Don’t don’t worry about it. It took some time to index.

When to disavow backlinks?

I have seen most of the peoples only build backlinks but disavowing bad links are also very important. Whenever you find irrelevant or bad quality backlinks, disavow them.

Which backlinks matter?

Backlinks which relevant to your website niche with good DA & PA are matter a lot

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