Article Forge Review: Future of Content Market?


Are you looking for an automatic content generator tool that can write countless and high-quality articles in just a few seconds? 

If your answer is yes, then sit down on your seat and read this article till the end. Here we shared a detailed, unbiased Article Forge Review to find the best AI-based content generator that can replace your writer in approaching days. 

Hey mate, I hope you are glowing. Let’s start. 

I remember those days of childhood when we used to get very angry to write anything or say that we did not like to write too much. And even today, nothing much has changed. Even now, we spend a lot of money on content to make it worthy and useful.

But with time, we need to change the way we write and who will be our writer. The options are an exact, human writer or AI content generator software? It is time to save a lot of hours on in-depth Research and writing content continuously. 

Nowadays, Article forge is the most famous and trending tools In the automation content market. It has some promising benefits and features that are the game-changing factor for content/digital marketers. It can write on multiple niche or topics even it can write your affiliate article nicely. 

You will find essential details like the review, test result, pros & cons, pricing, and more about article forge in upcoming paragraphs. So, please read the below sections carefully if you are serious about your profession. 

What is Article Forge?

Article Forge is a software or a tool that creates articles automatically in just a few seconds. In other words, it is an automated article writing tool that can write articles and posts for you in just a blink of eyes. The article forge is based on deep learning and powerful artificial intelligence and generates SEO-optimized and plagiarism-free papers.

In Single Sentence, Article forge do Research and automatically write articles on your topics with deep learning algorithms and artificial intelligence.

In 2020, the article forge launched its version 2.0, which became one of the most accurate and trusted Ai based content writing software in just a few months. In the previous version of the article forge, we have seen many bugs and content quality issues, but how they bounce back with the new version is remarkable. 

How does Article Forge 2.0 Work?

A valid question, right? 

Many people confused and miss understood this tool. Let me justify it with facts.  

Article forge has a highly intelligent deep learning-based algorithm that communicates with millions of web pages related to your keywords. It collects related data, organizes heading & sub-heading, search images, and keyword related YouTube videos as well. 

In fact, it reads, collects, and modifies content from those visited pages and then turns words to make it plagiarism-free. It has many features, like adding relevant headings/titles, images, links, and videos. You can easily create good quality content in a short time without spending a lot of dollars. 

Essential things are they offer auto posting on WordPress with a scheduler. It supports WordAI tool integration that will ensure our content is free from copyrights and challengeable. Overall, it works like your personal AI content writer that has truly unlimited power to Write, manage, post, and handle your articles work 24 * 7 days without taking a break.

Article Forge Review – Best AI Content Writing Tool?

Finding for your writer’s replacement, then, believe me, this review of article forge is mainly created for you. Below we will test article forge quality, its benefits, price, pros & cons, and a lot more essential things about this unique article writing software

Well, I need your will to explore it and the remaining things I will manage adequately.

Let us start with few concerns.

Does Article Forge Scrape and Spin?

Their developer team claims this tool does not use any scraping or spinning tactics to produce content speedily. They know very well; there is no better position for a spined article in SERPs. 

After the 2.0 update, the article forged high standards and won thousands of content marketers and writers’ trust. Now it is capable of writing high quality and unique articles from scratch. Deep learning also of article forge maintains the uniqueness of articles and sometimes spin words as well. Also, it offers WordAI API integration, though you can check and modify the paper according to the plagiarism score. 

It travels around the infinite web pages related to your keywords (a topic of your article) and gets an idea about your desired keyword. After analyzing enough raw data surrounding the main keyword, it generates reports and twists a few common words if required to make it CopyScape/plagiarism passable. 

A significant advantage of it, you can generate thousands of quality articles in significantly less time. On the other hand, your writing may take many hours to prepare a good essay. 

Article Forge Test: Advance technology in Nissan (300+ words) 

The most crucial part of our article is the automatic content generator article forge 2.0 tools. I entered a lot of keywords and tested them with various domains. But here, the result of all tests does not make sense. Still, I have an exciting development of our query related to advanced technology in automobile company Nissan. Before I share the result, I have some advice for you. If you test or use article forge, then play with different sub-keywords and word limits. 

See what I applied:

Primary Keyword: Advance Automobile technology in Nissan.

Sub keywords: Tesla, Self-driving cars, upcoming models. 

Heading and Titles: Enabled.

Images: Enabled

Links: Enabled.

Words limit: 300.

Now result in front of us. 

Text, letter

Description automatically generated

From the result, I can say it is impressive and profitable to go as well. Moreover, the title selection is the thing that blew my mind. We (humans) also struggle to write catchy and meaningful titles/headings for our text, but the article forge did nicely. 

But here I have a legit concern related to output. During testing, I found article forge does not separate or break your paragraph in small paragraphs. Sometimes it does, but only when heading comes into play. So, the article forge needs to investigate this domain and improve it in upcoming updates. 

Quality Test: Does the article forge generate Quality content?

In the content market, we have a lot of automatic content generating software. But the concern is, 

Are they generating quality content?

Well, here we have no intention to compare all AI-based content generating software. But I should mention, article forge is far ahead of all available article writing software. I have some valid reasons and experienced it as well. 

Before I say something, I want to ask, “What do you think about the above test result content quality?”

Well, it is a good hint for a wise marketer to understand a tool quickly. And you are (Wise content marketer); that is why you are looking for such devices and looking to enlarge your reach and increase your article delivery speed. I talk too much. Let us focus on its other quality aspects. 

Article forge 2.0 is an improved version, and it produces some severe results as well. Now it can handle your headings nicely and create SEO optimized articles with an ignorable copy score. It might sometimes generate irrelevant content for your keywords, but nothing is perfect in this world. The good thing is the article forge developers taking feedback and improving it day by day. 

Overall, it produces the best and rich quality content among all available auto content generator tools. And I have no doubts it is going to rule content marketing in upcoming years. 

Article Forge Price: Affordable!

Article forge offers free five days trial, monthly subscription, and annual based pricing options. If you think it is worthy of investment, then you can continue with it after trial. Here, you have two options: one is monthly and the second annual. Their updated pricing for the monthly pack is now 57$, which was 77$ in 2019. On the other yearly pack, side cost you around 27$ per month (billed annually). 

Additionally, it offers 30 days money-back guarantee without if/but. But make use of the fact that you must not create more than ten articles if planning to reverse your packs. For better understanding, read their terms & conditions. So, it’s all about their packages. 

How much do you spend on your writers?

Not so standard, but many firms and individuals do not focus on it. Most of the time, we pay more than 50$ for a single article for average quality content. Interestingly, article forge cost you only 27$ for a month. It is highly affordable and goes to an automated content writing tool in this price range. 

Article forge Pros & Cons

Everything on this planet has some excellent and bad atoms. But here we have some valid points to share for article forge. 

Article forge Advantages:

  1. It can generate hundreds of words in a few seconds with one-click control. 
  2. You can generate an unlimited number of articles.
  3. It has a free five days trial for starters to ensure the quality and content.
  4. In the 2.0 version, they added images, videos, and external links. 
  5. It can be integrated with WordAi API. 
  6. It offers scheduling articles to publish on WordPress sites.
  7. No need to spend hours to learn this tool. 

Article Forge Drawbacks:

  1. Sometimes article forge produces irrelevant content to the main topic and sub keywords.
  2. It allows only 300, 500, 750 words range that is not sufficient for long articles. 
  3. Also, the quality of the article needs improvement, along with a better paragraph structure.
  4. The readability of auto-generated article by article forge needs improvement. 

Whoa, I hope now you understood its benefits and disadvantages. Don’t worry; I am with you till the end of the article to make sure you do not feel incomplete. 

Article forge vs. SEO Content machine

I expect you remember that “we have many other automatic contents generating software above I mentioned.” So, the SEO content machine is one of the advances and best article generating software

I forgot to mention that an article forge is a web-based tool, and you do not need to download or install it in your system. On the other side, an SEO content machine is a software that needs to be downloaded in your approach to generate blog content. 

The SEO content machine that is also popular as SCM among marketers is a well-established content generator with some far better features at less price than article forge. It supports external tools, API, Customizable templates, and can translate content, content filter, and additional features. The quality of produced articles is almost the same.

Opposition end (Article forge) is very new but uses advanced deep learning technology to produce quality content in less effort. We can say the SEO content machine is slightly above article forge, but I am expecting some extraordinary features and human consumable articles. 

Suggestion: At last, if you need a tool with more features at a reasonable price, you can consider SEO content machine software. And keep in mind, this suggestion is only applicable to the article published to date. 

Final Words on Article Forge Review: Good to go Website Content Writer?

Whatever software has in terms of features and benefits. But the main point is it right to go?

It is a genuine question, is it good to go automatic website content writer?

Hereto you come across multiple web pages to understand this tool. Before I pass the final statement, please give me a few seconds. I usually start with a new device when I feel that my old strategy or tool/method/way is not sufficient for me. In the automation era, things need to be done quickly to remain on the top among thousands of competitors. 

Our “Article forge review” is an effort to introduce and test automatic content generating tools with essential features and produce quality loaded SEO optimized content for your blogs. The Article Forge Pros & Cons section is best to get why this is the best unique content generator

Frankly, many times it produces unrelated and unorganized content for our topics. But these are early days, and we can’t deny the efforts of developers working day night to make the batter and better. The article forge 2.0 version is a perfect example to assure that it is a serious tool to help you in the upcoming days. 

So, I suggest you must give a try to this best automatic content generator. You can start with a 5-day trial option, and if it produces better content, you can take monthly or annual packs. 

It is a win-win situation. So, go and give it a try.

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