15 Marketing Trends To Follow

15 Marketing Trends To Follow

Over the period of time the way of marketing has been changed very drastically and now it almost shifted to online marketing or digital marketing.

The best part about online marketing that I love about. You have to be updated and aware of marketing trends to get success.

So as you have read the title, today we are going to tell you about 15 marketing trends to follow for more and more impressive results.

15 Marketing Trends To Follow

#01. Voice Search

This going to one of the biggest marketing trend and it will effect lots of online business which aren’t optimized for it.

Marketing trends

20% of the queries searches done on google or apps through voice search.

Even Google says, your blog or website should be optimized for voice search.

Instead of typing on google or any other app, pepoles more frequently do voice search and you can observe it around you.

#02. Personalization Content

Content creation is crucial part of online marketing. But its not enough to create content only.

Marketing trends to follow

You have to focus on personalized content instead of creating content only.

When you start creating personalized content for users. They start connecting with you and it’s very important to build relationship with your customers to make your business successful.

#03. Automation

More efficiency, productivity, profit in less time is every business need nowadays because of increasing demand.

2020 marketing trends

As per the marketer’s, use of automation has helped 80% of marketers to increase their leads and 70% has saw increase in conversions.

It’s just beginning but over the time it will grow more and more. It makes your lots of effort more easy and convenient like — Sending remainders mails, Increases Audience Engagement etc.

#04. Conversational Marketing

I’m also a customer efore being marketer and hope you are also.

I always like to connect with with brand before purchasing their products and I hope you also want same like me.

Marketing trends in 2020

If you are a marketers then you can understand its depth more deeply.

Brands who are connected with their customers they are more likely to sell more and more as compare to unconnected brands.

Chatbots and A.I is helping a lot in it. I know right now they are not as much perfect as much they should be but over the time it will be more better.

Those business will adopt it late they will face more problem in establishing it.

If you take a look at reports,

Little things still frustrated customers and online chat is world fourth most common way to interact.

#05. Blogging

Blogging was the marketing trend, still it’s the trend and it will be trending in future.

Marketing trends in 2021

Of course things are changing very rapidly. People’s are spending more time on watching video instead of reading blogs.

But that doesn’t mean there is no potential in blogging.

When it comes to build online presence, website is first priority ever for every business and the only way to get organic lead and sales through website is — BLOGGING!

So, Don’t underestimate the power of blogging ! 😁

#06. Influencer Marketing

Almost every big brand is using Influencer marketing to promote their product or service.

Marketing trends to follow in 2021

Influencer marketing is have very huge potential for everyone. You can say this is kind of detailed marketing.

You just have to find good influencers in your niche. You can find them on YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and Tik-Tok also.

The key to get more success through Influencers is picking right person to promote your product or service.

#07. Interactive Content

Potential of this marketing strategy is also very great but you will find only few big brands are using it properly.

Content marketing trends

Small companies and brand need to give more attention towards it but you will rarely find very few small brand who are using interactive content strategy.

Interactive content is very helpful to know your customers need and feedback. Even it helps you in branding.

Over the time its potential will go more higher.

#08. Live Video

If you will out some effort to analyze last years 2019 then you will get to see lots of launches has been done by small or big brands.

2020 Content marketing trends

The common thing was in all the launches. They all launches were live.

Are you getting my point?

Live videos have potential to grab more attention and sale and in couple of years it will be rise as a big marketing trend.

As a big brand its get more easy to attract attention of your audience during live video and peoples enjoy it because they easily connect with you and they can also ask their queries very easily.

#09. Podcasting

As I said earlier voice search is going to be very big marketing trend and podcasting is the part of it.

What is marketing  trend

You believe or not. Peoples don’t have lot of time to watch 10 min long videos or reading 3000 words post.

Right now! Peoples are very concerned about saving thier time and podcasting can be another big thing that can help them.

#10. User-Generated Content

User generated content shows how good relationship you have build with your customers.

Marketing trends 2020

When users start generating content for your brand it helps you a lot in customers acquisition and building trust with them.

Also UGC (User Generated Content) helps you in branding and brand awareness.

Definitely its is going to be challenging for brands to get UGC. But sure it will them to make their marketing campaigns successful.

#11. Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Nothing is better than word-of-mouth marketing. Actually it’s not new but it just updated.

Word of mouth marketing

Even nowadays we take advice of our family or friends before buying any product and if they say it’s good. We buy it.

That means peoples believe more on real person reviews instead of internet reviews.

So the point is if you can able to excute this marketing strategy properly then you will able to generate lots of business for you.

Brands are using it from every long time and you should also use this marketing trend to grow your business digital or offline.

#12. Memes Marketing

Memes marketing raising very silently and in last few years it has been grown up very much.

Me personally and peoples around me enjoy reading or watching memes over social media.

Memes marketing

Even they are following many memes pages just to enjoy memes. That means users are intrested in it and business golden rule is — Do what your customer want !

And the great thing is, some big brands are utilizing memes for thier business and I would like to request small business to use this marketing strategy also.

#13. Chatbots

Literally, Chatbot has change the way of marketing in very amazing way. When we talk about A.I and automation, Chatbots are also one of major thing to consider.

Marketing Trend of Chatbots

Chatbots has raised as one the bes way to convert leads into sales. Business are adopting it very faslty because of it efficiency and low cost.

And when it comes to paid ads and conversion then chatbots are doing great job and in Upcoming year it will be huge marketing trend.

#14. Branding (EAT)

Google is very concerned about information relevency and accuracy and that’s the reason. They are updating thier algorithm on regular basis.

Brands Marketing Trends

Google always try to solve users queries in more efficient and easy way with proper accuracy and relevancy.

And in recent they introduced EAT UPDATE. Which stands for:

E – Expertise

A – Authoritativeness

T – Trustworthiness

By introducing this update Google want let know all the people to work on building brand.

Google pushing more authority and branded content to solve user quiers.

#15. User Intent Content

“Content is king” is no doubt! But it’s not enough to write content only.

Internet marketing trend

You have to put some efforts to understand user intent and then make content around it.

Intent Content is good to drive more sales and leads. You have to understand on which topic your writing, it is informational or commercial content.

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